Lyrics to Celebration
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(So tired)
Of having on wasted time,
I'm never satisfied.
On a 3 a.m. TV show,
there was a certain sex appeal coming from your hips.

A broken hyperlady,
I'm never satisfied.
There's only enough time for a celebration.
Friday morning will be forever gone.

After midnight Cinderella
didn't have her glass slipper.

In a perfect style, Pinocchio's nose
grew from the broken ash.
A D.N.A. clock, a useless 9 to 5 doll

Now the morning catches fire, dragging me down.
Everything was closing down on time.
Count to 3 and you've got it.
(1,2,3 you got it)

In my room in New York
black curtains create a velvet night.

(Hey) Celebration?
ring a bell, swing your heart, sing a song!

(Hey) Celebration?
throw away, sail away, shout it out!
Come on! Celebration !
Purple smoke and illusion.
Stand up revolution!
Set the limousine on fire !

When the clock struck at midnight
the coach turned into a pumpkin and
the dress became a rug.
And only a glass slipper was left behind.
Suddenly Cinderella crushed it and
she kicked her fuXXing old stepmother out
and she started for the real celebration
that would start very soon.

Shooting stars into the laughing city.
The final voice didn't return...

(Hey) Celebration ?
ring a bell, swing your heart, sing a song!
(Hey) Celebration ?
throw away, sail away, shout it out!
(Come on) Celebration!
blue blood wine, cheers,
congratulations all through the world, let it fall.
Bring it on celebration,
get it on celebration,
bring it on celebration,
get it on celebration
But what are we supposed to celebrate anyway
This is the end of the world.
Songwriters: HIDE
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