Lyrics to C.B.A.
C.B.A. Video:
c.b.asomethimes there?s a feelingi don?t know where it comes frommaybe that i?m dreaming but no one wakes me upthere are so many questionsthey?re burning in my headi wanna know the reason why i?m feeling so badmaybe it?s the weatheror just my horoscope, mani can?t find the reason my blood is running slowmaybe there?s a masteris watching you and mei think that we are nothing but puppets on a stringno, this can?t be alli know there must be moresearchin for the wayno, this can?t be allpeople are walkinglike cyborgs on the streets; andyou have to work as long as your heart beatinside i?m cold and emptyno power in my veinsi try to move my limbs but nobody breaks my chainsno, this can?t, this can?t ...wake up in the morningand have a look around; nowe won?t hear the warningthe land lays on the groundi?m feeling like a strangerin my mouth a bad tastewe don?t stop our greed till everything is wasteno, this can?t ... 3xc.b.a.

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