Lyrics to Cauliflower
Satire me baby
When my words come out empty
I try to croon
But I prune out the truth until there’s nothing
What did I do with your hair
Your shower wet hair in the night time
I’ll let it dry
Like straw for the horse that pulls the hayride

What have I done with your snarky eyes
Stark but starry eyes
I turned them white and red like lips and teeth

What have I done with your blackish hair
Think before I speak
It’s brown it’s…
It’s black it’s..

Been demonized
You cut it off like it was Mary Queen of Scotts
You cut it off like you ought to

I’ve been unhealthy
And I’m craving a pastry
Craving some time
Time to try being sincere
Or just think of what it means be sincere
Ditchin the nightlife
To forget about

What I have done to your gauzy sigh
Soakin up the sky that turned you white to red like bone to meat
What have I done to your glassy stare
Think before I speak…
You cut it off like it was mary queen of scotts
You cut it off like it was nothing

Hold me, I am so embarrassed
When I croon
Stop me when I think too much and
Kill the mood/ keep my
Scold me when I’m being rash and
And call my ruse

What have I done with your starry eyes, haunt me in the night I turn them white like cauliflower
What have I done with your quiet eyes, used for only sight, I turned them red cause I’m regretfully a coward
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