Lyrics to Caught In The Fire
Caught In The Fire Video:
Looks like we're going nowhere
The damage is done
So long but still it's not over
The nightmare is left to go on
Look what you've done
That night keeps running around in my head
Now it's darkened my dreams of you
and you still lie in regret

No more crying no more denying
I'm not to blame
I got my reasons for things that I'm feeling
You set yourself up once again
and now you're

Caught in the fire
You're dancing with the flame
Next thing you know you'll be burning down someone again
Why can't you see you're caught in the fire
You're dancing with the flame
Time is the key to get back on my feet again

Why does this always turn out so wrong?
It's strange that you just wouldn't let it be
You kept holding on to the anger
and drowned us in my misery
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