Lyrics to Caught By Shifra
Caught By Shifra Video:
I drug you through the park
past Museum Road.
The sun was beating down on me,
I sweated through my clothes.
So I removed my shirt
revealing what I'm worth.
I am somewhat chubby yet I still remain a squirt.
The heavens' stifled grins as the sun set on West L.A.
We made out on the staircase right as Shifra called my name.
Embarrassed we came down all flushed and fit at separate times.
The radio played stupid, dumb Sublime.
It was my first time.

Now we're here at last
in you I do confide.
You see me from the angles that betray a darker side.
But somehow I attract attention from you still.
You're sparked with light, a billion candles cure the weak and ill.
You're smarter yet more humble than those bragadocious slaves.
Waste their time on self-defeating choices I once made.
So never doubt how beautiful you are, and how you count.
My dedication will eclipse by now.
You figured me out.

We married in the church with more than several coffee stains.
I hope you're not embarrassed that you took my silly name.
'Cause it may rhyme with dirty things but I think that it suits.
I hope you know when we are drained of youth...
that I love you.
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