Lyrics to Catch 22
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There is a consequence coming on in here. That you were wrong by feeling with the fear. Cause I don't wanna fit in to represent bullshit. To keep the box bummed we must keep things rolling. The sun is shining through the waves of the fans. Jumping through the shuffle cause I sure don't want it man. I want peace, I want a little ease and the girls and me (heavy breathing).

I missed all the ... just rub off the dish. But that's kinda hard cause I've got the chin. I'm just moving on around the witness and the cop. I'm doing this and that, but what's it all about. And I don't know you telling me completely. Cause I want it all in your mother see G. Turn me down just because I wanna know. The whole situation uh-how it goes.

I stop bombs. Stop and know which way you have to go. Really doesn't matter 'cause I'm on a roll. I saw the people driving, talking to the phone. Calling, talking each other to the bone. I do the dew and it's a force all the time. You decide for the peace of your mind. So we cannot think about the situation. That you got yourself in a vibration.

I'm gonna get some help (Another middle station, like a vibration)
I'm gonna get some help (Do you need 'cause I need the spill G)
I'm gonna get some help (Imagination that causes sensation)
I'm gonna get some help (Here we go in the system elite)

I want it and I want it 'til I can't get more. Worthless nations are what I can't stand for. Really doesn't matter motherfucker what'cha do. They'll put you in a situation Catch 22. (Woo-ooh) I don't let the motherfuckers let you in cause when you come out you'll be worse than you'll ever been. They make me feel it, they make me yawn. But god help those who help themselves.

And when I do things the same all around. And when the words are in it universe is down. And I don't know cause I ain't no rocket scientist. I thought you know I cannot fuck that shit. Imagination is a far way up. This galaxy's another object of a dove. I like to weigh down to the bottom of the zoo. But this is not cool cause the truth is true.

I'm gonna get some help. x7
I'm gonna get some..
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