Lyrics to Castle Film
Castle Film Video:
"With pleasure"
"Earth shaking"
"I'm calm"

"Never more than ever alive"
"Feeling? I know."

I will ride circles around this town
Climb the highest point to fall back down
Anywhere you are I'd rather be. Anywhere
"Seventeen hours we lie in the flowers beds"

Stars to be invites, we will storm castles in their light.
Anything you want I promise to be. Anything
"I want you as yourself, nothing else, nothing more."

"Treasure you forever."
"Sincerly belong"
"To all the degrees that you take me to be"
"Always as far as you run with me."

"Cover, lovely lover,
What's to see?"
"come on."
"I want you to be who you wanted to be"
"Anything else, it comes easily"

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