Lyrics to Cash Cops
Cash Cops Video:
Madame of ya illnessRed-1 and the MisfitDiggin up the dreaded fist from the northwestAnd this is how we go likeWell let me run down the bioOf the MisfitBurnin pyro with victim much whacknessIm def with sicknessA pound of vicksAint makin it more clearAs I kicks this>From my infernoInternal organsTo do with more hitsWatch meScore the bullzeyeOn the targetAs I hard hitAnd crush the metal backLike a linebackerWatch the diplomatic IllnessAfter the sackerBag a budaKnew the word lawsEver since the day I was tossedInto this worldHurl another rhymeMore spice than timeWith persistanceAnd no assistanceWatch me get myAstronomically be my anatamyHas got you starvingMisfit tryin to escape will only bring that ass for the blazeSo check it upNext up to mention is the Red-1Kick yo styleTo break Down the anatomy of illnessI get myself equipped with realnessAnd hit the trail withA knap sack of essentialsShakin ya mentalI kick that cell wall downThe membrane gets dead ????Just imagine the surpriseWhen its emphasisedYour imunity is due to meWhen you're emobilizedBy the unityAnd abilityOriginalityNo frontin on the micWhen I arrive by the libertyLive and directWits a bit intensityThe density is thickNo say you cant touch noneA we theSick in the brainLunatic CampaignsThrough ya sectorEject yaInstead my proclaim as the protecterConnected to a ill cortetMy radiation got ya ballin likeMots in tibetThey lost sexYour allignmentWhenever I rhyme withThe never missVery intullect you will with this fitsWho commits to the front lineAt your timeTo show rhymeBody baggin into nickels and dimesWith the devineYou will find prophesy has to beFulliflled with the illness of my anatomy

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