Cartoons And Gi Joes Lyrics

Biermann Electric

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Lyrics to Cartoons And Gi Joes
do you remember when
life was so much fun?
cartoons and gi joes,
we played 'til the sun was gone
understanding was the newest thing,
best friends were cool, too
we thought we knew everything
and we had nothing to do

I never wanted to grow up
I never wanted to see
look at the mess I've become,
imagine the mess that I can be
now those things are gone
and you're telling me I'm wrong,
there's no hope for me

there is no hope there is no time
don't even try to change my mind
I know now what I have to do,
don't say it again I won't listen to you
all you do is sit back
and count the score
I've had all that I can take
and I won't stand it anymore

(chorus 2x)
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