Lyrics to Carry On
Carry On Video:
Since you're gone i have more fears
since you're gone i have more fears
said i, since you had me on your back
leaving path along the track

for a day and for a night
i've been waiting on my own
girl i, since the same old situation grows

sunny days are far away
see my skull's about to break
you know, i can never see you again
hear my voice it's still the same

now that you flew far away
girl i feel you're with me today
you know, if i ever lost my touch
and if i aver made you cry

i believe in you
see that's what i do
i can see you too, love
anyhow i felt like dust

poured your rain on sunny songs
honey please don't sing along
if you ever lose your faith
girl, you never wore a crown

anyhow the winter's gone
please don't call i'm on my own

if you ever need a hand
kill the dream and carry on

now the days are long
love i had to carry you along
you were never strong
i had to carry you along

(Merci à Schattra pour cettes paroles)
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