Lyrics to Carried Away
Carried Away Video:
verse 1
ridin around with the windows down
seein what we can see
you in the passenger seat, next to me

bobbin along with your flips flops
tappin to your favorite song
singin and laughin, floatin free
we got no place we gotta be
lets head down to the beach
it feels like one of those days
c'mon baby what do you say
lets get carried away.

heyyy ooo hands in the air
summer sun shinin on your long blonde hair
hey ooo lost somewhere where time stands till

and all day caught up in the waves
till the blue gets washed away by the sunset
come on why done we get, carried away.

verse 2
blanket on the ground
spendin all afternoon,
doin what lovers do, me and you
rollin in the sand, jumpin in the water
workin on a tan, suns gettin hotter
your salty kiss, ive waited all week for this
we dont even notice all the swimsuits and the shaded
its almost like were all alone, gettin carried away


verse 3
sun goes down the moon comes up,
tide goes out, theres no rush
we can stay right here, while the world just disappears
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