Lyrics to Carolina Sunrise
Carolina Sunrise Video:
i'm just waiting for you to shine
like carolina sunrise
something deep behind your eyes
says 'take my hand, kill those lights
come on, let me show you what love feels like'
but now these gray skies
say they'll never learn to smile
put a hundred thousand miles between the dead and the alive
carolina sunrise

lately even the skies are blue
they scream they don't know what to do
should they laugh or dream of you
or rain because you told them to
thunderclaps are sad goodbyes
and broken hearted lovers cry
who knew that every song ever sung
was about you

now the kids they laugh and dance
they're so in love
so in love with nothing
and girls, they write it down
but give it up
give it up for nothing
baby, that glass ain't near half-full
so tip it up
just drink it down to nothing.

you've got a bad, bad way about you
slip your heart into something small and black
you've got a bad, bad way about you
but every night i'm begging God to send you back
now i've got doubts that i can't count
but i refuse to count me out
you've got a bad way, but i've just got it bad for you

you've got a bad, bad way about you
and i hate what you do to me
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