Carnivorous Lunar Activities Lyrics

Howling Syn


Lyrics to Carnivorous Lunar Activities
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No need to run - No need to hide

Blood rivers of ages
Blood rivers of an end
This body is too restraint for the two of us
Light up this one night
With the strategy of your fangs relations
Which are for you never sad

The moon is an eye
The sky is filled with cries
In keeping this secret of lies
For all who die
Howling desperate cries
You hope it's gone
When you open your eyes

Is there a will to die?
A will to devour
In a dream invaded with dying voices
Lying down peacefully
Clawed hearts to be added
To a purgatory of no choices


Welcome to the carnivorous lunar activities


My sometimes away to my place to ghost
I, soft laughter alone to sing over
A deadly cause to my dismembered host
Pale and shiny, wandering to forget to be

The new breed is alive!
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