Lyrics to Carnival
Carnival Video:
[A brief commentary of Juraj Grezdo & Nela Horvathova: "Nature scenery again. Majestic darkness full of mysteries. Darkness brings fear that forces people to wear the masks to hide their fear. After the new day comming they put them aside".]

Sombre is a nightsky without stars.
That refresh our bygone memories.
Like a veiled mirror that doesn't reflect our face.
And we cannot see ourselves.

A watchful eye observes us from the high.
We feel this penetrating dradful look.
It chills and also burns at once.
And we are suddenly growing numb.

We all hide our fears under the masks of different feelings.
We all are just scarecrows in masquerades of this world.

The moon set beyond the ancient poplars.
The dusk embraced a smudged world.
Frosty winds made our bones cold.
We feel the fearful splendour of the night.

We all hide our fear under the masks of different feelings.
We all wear the features we?ve never been able to obrain.

A new day has come, it dawns.
And all the night phantoms turn pale.
Our fears disappeared, we take off our masks.
This is the end of the night fairy tale.
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