Lyrics to Care / Trap
Care / Trap Video:
Felt a piece inside my flesh
nothin' more nothin' less
otherwise my pain-brain smashed
hit the wall did even crash

in a room of dust and mash
i saw a face laughing that says:
come on cloud
well come on in
grab your crap
and taste my trap

i've been carried away from here
to another shore
through another door
i got nothin' to see
got nothin' to say
- but in the end i'll pay

all the things went good for carol
all the things went quite real good for carol
carol said she's quite as good
she's quite as good - never a hook

nothin' stays real cool:

all by my side
- stands close
selfish by the silent edge

all comes aside
like overdose
painful in a silent hedge

quite real good for carol


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