Lyrics to Care To Laugh?
Care To Laugh? Video:
It's hard to see anything

in this dark and seedy place.

The neon bar lights

Reflect off your face.

That drunken glare always smiles away our cares

Feels like my mouth's sewn shut,

I'm trying to get out these words...

But my God, they're playing that song

I've been waiting too long to say to you:

"You're the most beautiful thing I've seen so far"

The only thing on your mind is the song,

I just ask "Do you care to dance?"

Our bodies moving

Our drinks are spilling

Clumsy laughter is the only thing

That escapes our mouths.

We're so close that we could kiss

Oh, how I've wished that it would come to this:

But my God, they're playing that song.

Our lips have been attatched for this long already?

People are leaving,

My heart's still beating

Then you give me that glare again.

The way you held my face,

The way your lips taste,

I'm stuck in wonder by your stare.

But wait, they're not playing that song

My gut's telling me that something's wrong.

"They won't play that song again,

It's just been stuck in your head".

Then you say to me

"You're the most beautiful thing I've seen so far"

I'm so tired from that dance,

So you ask "Do you care to laugh?"

My heart's beating

Loneliness is fleeting

Our song's repeating

Over and over and over again in my head.
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