Lyrics to Care
Care Video:
Alone at the station
Waiting for the train.
I got a ticket that says 11 and 20
But the possibility of loss
Exceeds the chance of gain.

I pick up my phone
In front of girls and their men
To talk to the dial tone again
(So i can seem important)
Some people look
Grayer than most.

I sweat in my car
With the radio turned all the way down,
Hoping they'll look past me,
And not recognize me
In a distant town.

I smoke two cigarettes
To fill the empty void
With a beacon of
Any kind of light.

I got some peanuts
And an empty cup
To give my hands
Something better to do.

I wish i could find
Something for my mind
But i know there will never be
Anything better than you.

Here comes the train
So i fold the ticket
In my wallet
And beg my friends
For alcohol but i know
I'll be drunk either way.

The train passes by
The gas station.
Oh i should have known
This wasn't that kind of place.

I just wish someone
Or something
Could take me somewhere.

Just take me there,
Somewhere safe.
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