Lyrics to Care For Kleptos
Care For Kleptos Video:
Everyone around me is slowly fading
And im hear isolated for reasons i wont come out of anytime soon.

But how can you bear it?
Gouging my heart out was never too hard for you.
You're the only reason that is keeping me from not lying to myself.

And why cant you just see that I'm different?
Instead of holding my heart at my throat.
You're killing me slowly.

And if i never ever get my heart back again
I hope you get shot, stabbed, drugged or just killed in the end.
Cause how can stand still when everyones moving around me
cut the veins until they bleed because thats the only thing thats real to me

You're body is sick just like your mind
just give me my heart back im moving on this time
and i dont ever want to feel your nails clawing my skin
these scars are cuts from previous sins

Just give my heart back
so i can move on
I'm tired lets stop fighting
let me move on without you
I am tired lets stop fighting
let me move on
why wont let me move on
just let me move on
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