Caravan (Alternate Version) Lyrics

Jane Siberry

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Lyrics to Caravan (Alternate Version)
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It was a snowy nightAnd the stars were shining bright hanging heavy in the absence of lightA caravan across the desert landI was there and You were thereAnd something in our hearts told us to keep...keep movingSomething about that star...that star... How far is the nearest place to kneel? And how far is the nearest home?And how far how far can you go with only a dream? With only a hope?You hold the vision You hold it steady Oh there was always someone who would take the childrenAnd keep them entertainedThere was always someone who would participateThere was always someone who would know how it workedthere over there And now we sit on the steps at the side of the squareThere are three old men sitting in their chairsAnd if anyone wants to know which way any of us should goThey will holdThey will containThey will cup the refrain Hold it steady hold it steady hold it steadyhold it steady It was a snowy night and our caravan moved along in starlight

Songwriters: SIBERRY, JANE
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