Lyrics to Car Bomb
Car Bomb Video:
(feat. Disturbed & Slipknot)

In this bitter twist of fate
You know that help will come too late
How many more are there?
How many more can there be?
And you hear a freaky sound
And all the spooky scary scenes all around
And they are coming after you
But you don't know what to do

This can't be happening
Then you start to scream
Is this getting hairy?
Is it spooky scary?

Love me pretty
Love me pretty
Am I human?

And you feel you are insane
Because this can't be happening
What are you to believe?
Or are your eyes just deceiving?
Run but you can't hide
Carbomb come alive
And it's coming after you
But you don't know what to do

Am I am I am I?
Am I human?

And in the midst it ignites
What is said like dynamite
And all the pieces scatter
And that chilling laughter
And it seems like halloween
And all the spooky scary seen
Flying all around around around
Grab you
Turn you upside down

Am I human?
Could this be happening?
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