Can't We Just Love Lyrics

Sarah Sharp

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Lyrics to Can't We Just Love
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Baby, I've had enough of this foolishness
I just wanna love
Darling, I am up to here with these tears
Can't we just love

Midnight approaching
Let's not let another day
Start the way we did
Today there's no reason
To squander so much time
You're mine, all mine, all mine

If you read what I had read in the news
You would want to cry
All that I could think of dear
Was to have you near
And never leave your side

This world gives no warning when it's
Gonna yank the rug
But if it comes knocking
We ought to be as snug as two bugs
My darling

I just want to love
Can't we just love
I just want to love
Can't we just love
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