Can't Take It Back Lyrics

Amanda Latona

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Lyrics to Can't Take It Back
Can't Take It Back Video:
It was good while it was - whatever it was,
Whenever you said it.
And you really believe,
If you came back to me
That I would forget it,
But lately - you been prayin

Things you wish you didnt say - cant take it back.
Things that cant be erased - cant take it back.
Your crying this time, wish you could rewind.
But thats the price that you pay.
And thats that - you cant take it back.

You say you didnt mean to hurt me,
Do you think I believe you and your games?
You say your goin through hell,
And you're trying to sell that your going to change.
Face it - I'm not playin

Chorus 1X

It was good while it was,
Whatever it was,
Whenever you said it.
And did you really believe it wouldn't come back to me,
and you wouldn't regret it?

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