Lyrics to Can't Stop
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Open a de herb gate sellin pure ganja

babylon come but they undercova

they never really want me to stop sell ganja

(they just want to take a cut of what you make so far)

But Im not having it, I load the SLR

pack thje ganja BOOM they break down the door

ha-ha, 3 shots exchange at close range

out of 3 babylon, hit one in the brain

ha-ha, 2 shots hit the window pane

I exchange 4 shots, I drop and feel pain

but Im not hit, into the bathroom I crawl

I look out the window its a one storey fall

Im fallin, hit the ground and start crawlin

instead Im walkin round and blendin in wit the crowd

another day, I gotta way, I gotta fix this problem someday

but the very next day...

Chorus >repeat *2

Can stop wont stop sellin mad izm

all comeptition I gots to get wit em

me nah go jail and me nah go prison

(take it to his face kid dis em)

Im in another herb gate like a superstar

11:AM things are safe so far

I used to worry about the competition on the block

but now the competition on the block is the cops

and even blackwatch dont know where we lay

well..(open up its the D.E.A.)

ah man, just when I went for more led

my door opens up wit the beam to my forehead

wit nowhere to escape, I thought I was dead

but I woke up instead in a cell on my bed

I lay back down, then I heard a crack sound

2 D.T.'s came in and layed they glocks down

one was whistlin a love song, he put some gloves on

I thought to myself, damn somethings wrong

boom bap, boom bap against my head

I fell back on my bed, down to his feet

the pain was insane but the hit was sweet

cuz these dumb ass cops punched me right by the heat

the glock, 2 shots, 3 shots they screamin

then someone said..(ay wake up kid your dreamin)

I said what dreamin, that nightmare was hell

but as I look around, I was still in my cell

damn I got myself caught up in a jam

the D.T. that woke me up was like WHAT

I wiped the saliva off my mouth

then the D.T. said..(lets make a deal)

no doubt no question, now started up the session

no need for guessin, yes they want my supplier

I said, what makes you think theres anyone higher

he said..(dont be a god damned lier)

you killed 3 D.T.'s yesterday you heard me

but still the cops you knocked off, yesterday was dirty

now the whole investigation is federal

we want you to point out the rest of the cops that are criminal

he continued to say you cant think it thru

this whole drug game is bigger than you

follow our plan man and you'll be free

let me explain one thing so you can see



Now Im back in the herb gate all wired up

constantly thinkin about being tied up

snap out of it, Im thinkin damn we like l's

the federal and local cops got laws wit themselves

and Im in the middle and cant solve the riddle

my nose is runny {knock of door}..(let me get a 20)

a 20 of the green or a 20 of the brown

give me the whole brown clown or duck down {gunshots}

god damn, god damn, here we go again

but this time Im set up by my federal friends

suddenly I hear (yo move from the door) {gunshot}

followed by the shots sounded like a 4-4 {gunshot}

after the violence, then there was silence

then I heard (ah yo its us, open up the door)

but rule number one, in this game is self reliance

so I pickd up the mini Mac incase they wanted more

the door opened up, the feds said what up

they was stickin you up, so they had to get bucked

suddenly a sense of trust came over me

thought to myself.. .well soon I'll be free

but as I turned around I heard the gun go click

I said wait...but it was too late {gunshot}
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