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Good To Be Home

Lyrics to Can't Stop, Won't Stop
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Music is my medicine, I smoke calmly
I go numb, but never below zombie
Stay catatonic, wrapped in mummy cloth
Phony, balogny, bunny hops, but the money talks
And now is the only time I listen
Vision blurred trying to choose the proper words to describe my vision
Dramatic scenes finale, sway cream Bali, fourth quarter my team start to rally
Score numbers on the board in tally
Labratory like the tele, bodies laid out on the couch, blunts from the deli
Distract me from rubbing my belly, It get you stuck
Between the dirty asphalt and the rubber of my pirellis
Its a spiritual event, from above, the miracle is sent

Step, motherfucker step
I stepped out the door with what I lit up, still twisted
Dodging the system, it sees another victim
I have been plotting, looking at my plants in the pot
And I been looking for the answer, because I dance in the dark
I talk a lot of shit, it comes as good intention
When them bells rung and names drop, hits as good as mentioned
I was looking for a spot, cut a hole in the fence
Then I stepped back, and saw my entrance
They say times up
This the dotted where I sign up
This the lotto where I find bucks
This the motto that defined us
Coming out the gates enforces, lord choires, dropping shit like some horses
The house holy, but the office corporate
This life pricy, but the war absorbed it
So don't blame me for the caution, because I ain't trying to get lost
No, I cannot afford it

Nah, this is not my love song, I mix my magic to the sun dawns
Busting like shotties to send the doves home
Blood bone, ripping in the rules of my toast, kissing my foes, looking for when I am kicking my flows
I visit home, spit get in the zone, pimp the bills on the stroll
Rolling up the mistletoe, getting stoned
My kid's at home, Mrs I'm with is grown, my minutes on, nigga
Benita's on a mission, she getting on
We got it like bitches, that gossipin shit, wildin type
Wildin like we just got the island patrol the style is like a lion mount
Climbing a mount trying to break the throne
And set a staple like the Los Angeles Lakers form
Same place that my cousin got them scrapers from
Play me dumb, I brought him right back to the stadium, nigga
Palladium nuggets, pre macadamia fucking raps, be immaculate, couldn't imagine making them
Mack emotionless, master records like I am slaving them, Sarah Palin
Paraphasia these shades dangling
I can't stop, won't stop, putting pieces together, pull my tech from the dresser
No one could do it better

Witness the mathematic equation of greatness homeostasis
Lab rat, resemble the same symbol as masons, cash that
The wizardary vividly paints imagery, cash stacks
A flash in a frying pan of mysery usually loves company
So I keep a strap, if she come for me, I am blowing her back
Triumphantly, the actual facts finesse pyramid fanatics
While trafficking crack, I seen spinks get beheaded, Unique physique
I had to pad my mistique, divine degree
Felt my aura being breached, retreat, hold up
Back to the drawing board
My shiny sword, cut through the cadence for wages
I design and score
I am so designer lord, sell boulders, sidney
Stiched it to my ironing board, burn you to oblivion (Woo)
Paraben free, terrible being, higher than a red eye flight so who you overseeing

All together for every single letter, better my character
Find self tucking on that walker pocket, the derringer
If, we ever up and close, uppercut, comatose
Waxed out money sounds based up on a different note
Thin line, thinner rope, tip-toeing my way through
[(Talking backwards)?], leave demons, I am bout to scave through
Because I ain't got the time for it, ignore it, I must
Burning one knowledge of son, moving forward
And I trust the lust doesn't get the best of me
Got to manouvre carefully, thought the world was ready
But really wasn't prepared for me and my kind
I shine, you do the equivalent
This is what I am dedicated to, No need for membership, see
I reminisce over the doja, days looking over my shoulder
Didn't have to worry much, my older brother was there
Game warfare, fuel in the fire, still
But I can't stop, won't stop building, I never will

For probable cause, I probably
Peer pressure had me breaking the law
Berate them all since, 6th grade, bathroom stalls
Kissing girls, madam, miss, I call em Miss Ellis, drawn, my spirit is torn
Scrolls on 16 bars
Not a soul to a sismick, empathy gone, imperial
Echelon, to my enemies carry on, yeah
Comparing chronic, gang is calm, a gang strong
Taking chances that Lance Armstrong made wrong
The bank kept a Brookly trombone and played on
Smoking ounces out over the couch, was counting the sheep then
Bouncing on little bo-peep but made them all
We didn't sleep, surrounded by the elite
I'm from the sewer deep, not if you from my suites
If you the can't compete
And I just pray the lord care enough to carry me
Apparently, long way from the scale of parakeets
Scary street set, niggas at school scared of me

I rarely see the solidarity
Neccessary to being in unison with universal family and its the
Pointing your existence, we searching for similarities
Between the fabric of dreams and alter realities
People are fabricated to portray a personality
If the image is tainted, then the person is a casualty
Thoughts, relate rapidly, written with such majesty
The author has to be considered at the level of mastery
We don't paint pictures, we sit and chisel the masterpiece
And make it hard for the average to rap after me
Ironically, my chronically despise my typography
The mind is steady minding, eyes capture the photography
A life without monotony, Stylissadine inside the Massadine
Travelling amongst the people, things I never thought I'd see
Appear to me, appeal to me, dreams becoming real for me
It's surreal but how I feel, you can never kill the Infinite G

Energizer, visualizer, civilizer, city rider
Spider man web internet intertwining
Silver lining, diamond mine to mind of a diamond
Refine and analyze and I am grinding, I was not made for 9 to 5'in
Design a rhyme and two time and 100k display science
The universal giant, mother Will from Xian
Splash bars, Master Fard, black Allah, black Arabia
Plus lessons manifested from a elder's cranium
Open sesame, the recipe is solely language
Invested in me, powers that swift, forever changing
Champions to champs to find a champ, bust in your skully
Champion raps, champion hoodies, woody
Not be the man of the hour, if majority of the niggas in the game
Was really like ours, good question
For this I was chose, I didn't choose, what it do
Just a little something for my nigga Blu
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