Can't Sleep At Night Lyrics

Demented Are Go

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Lyrics to Can't Sleep At Night
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Well demons invade my sleep
From the netherworlds way down deep
Trying to take my life away something I wanna keep

Well i die when i sleep at night
When i dream they try and take my life
in my sleep they try and take me away
I cant sleep at night they try and take my life away

Like my mind's locked up in a box
My heart they try to stop swirling through this fantasy gotta find my way out

Swirling through this fantasy
My damned soul they wanna keep
My evil ways i'll pay the price
I wanna sleep but they'll take my life

Into my mind they penetrate
My heart starts to palpitate
Swirling through this twisted dream
My mind they wanna take

Woke up in a cold cold sweat
Woke up before too late
Survived another night
One dream I'll pay the price
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