Can't Let You Go Lyrics

Samantha Jade

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Lyrics to Can't Let You Go
Can't Let You Go Video:
What you doing to me baby
I cant let you go

Even though you keeping me frustrated
It still feels so right
I try so hard not to be jaded
Every time you lie
Try so hard to
Get you off my mind
You know that I be running back to you
My love is blind
I know it aint right

It just ain't right
He won more time
Like there's too much to leave behind
Want to move on
But I cant

No I just cant let you go
Coz I been loving you too long
Take it back to how it was baby
You know I'm goin crazy
Oh I cant do this no more
Coz I just cant let you go
I keep on coming back for more
Told myself now its over
But I still love ya
I cant let you go

I don't think time will ever make it
No matter how hard I try
But you convince im mistaken
When you go and do the things you
We used to do
That made me fall for you
Then you turn around
And say something
That proves me right
baby this aint right


I know I'm a fool
To think that I need you in my life
I should know better but
When im with you
I forget about the past
No, the fights we had dont matter
I know im just playin myself
But I don't care

I dont wanna let you go neither
To tell ya the truth mami I need ya
Anything to please ya
Body of a Diva
She hotter than a fever
Try to cool it down
Ice rocks on her finger
When I get upset or frustrated
She sing to me
Getting paid she aint gotta
Cook n clean for me
Tried to leave a couple times
But she came bak
Cant let you go
Im not ashamed to say that

Chorus x2

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