(Can't Keep Away From) The Flame Lyrics

Def Leppard


Lyrics to (Can't Keep Away From) The Flame
(Can't Keep Away From) The Flame Video:
(Collen, Elliott)

Lonely lonely lonely child
Crystalline and lace
Won't you walk me awhile
Put a smile upon my face

I don't wanna take your love in vain
Gonna keep on coming back again

Beauty leads the full grown child
A rose among the thorns
Like a ray of sunshine
She comes, heaven in my arms

Repeat Bridge

When I see you smilin'
It takes away my pain
Oh, there's no denyin'
Can't keep away from the Flame

A thousand Indian summers
Die in desert sands
The moon and lover's shadows
They go slippin' through our hands

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus
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