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Lyrics to Can't Get With You
Can't Get With You Video:
[Verse 1:]
I am just a man with a name from Japan
In a war like Iran when they fought though I ran
No I stand man confused I don't know who I am
As they tricked me like a scam
Until they arm it Uncle Sam
I don't wanna talk about it
Get into it but I'm in it
Born with it like my image as they long for something vintage
Fake games like a scrimage as I'm pushin into my limits
I just wanna get up out it the college but I'm remy
Takin shots from the roof top like subliminal
I'm the one shooting at myself like a criminal
I'm a Florida but I'm something like a Seminole
I'm a game no man I ain't talkin' 'bout your dinner bro
That's just the start of it!
Don't let my family part of it
Influence is true 'need in these cuff scar your wrist
I don't think my heart's in it
It won't get better later
I'm sorry man I had to let you down
Like an elevator.

No I'm gone, I'm through
I can't get with you.
No I'm gone, I'm through
I can't get with you.
No I'm gone, I'm through
I can't get with you.
No I can't get with you.

[Verse 2:]
Pain in my stomach turning
Pressure got my heart burnin
Weird cause the boy be
Like it doesn't feel as urgent
I remember hazy nights
Bass bumpin head thumpin
We extreme goin off the deep end
Bungee jumpin
But the pleasure that I got from that
Is feelin like a coffin
That I feel trapped in
Till He came and bought me back
Christ entered in
No more me trying to be you
He then more now
I'm trying to help you, see you
Evil like a serpent
You don't see it, but it's certain
Chasin cars with partitions
In they end they still curtains
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