Lyrics to Canned Oxygen
Canned Oxygen Video:
I feel like talking but don't preach
I'm all right
God don't make no junk
So you see
I'm all right
There's nothing wrong with me
I feel like taking off my clothes again
That sound is putting me to sleep
Can out (God made)
Can in (the birds)
Canned oxygen (And god made the bees)
Shut up (She's)
You friend (canned oxygen)
American (to me)
I'm sure I've had enough to know when I have had enough
I think I know enough to know
Can out (God made the)
Can in (birds sing)
Canned oxygen (And God let it be)
That sound (She's canned)
That sin (That's in) (oxygen)
That oxygen (To me)
Snap the can the snap the
The hand snap the can
Like you would your silver ware
Can the snap the
Snap the can
Meat in the can
Snap snap can
Snap the can handle
Handle the can
Warm up in a jar
Snap the handle like you would your silver ware
Poison meat in a can
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