Lyrics to Canned Music
Canned Music Video:
[G7](C) Canned music, canned music, playing on the radio [C?] [G7] Canned music, canned music, with out a doubt it doesn't go [D7] [C7] Favorites on the jukebox are only half the show when it's [G7] Canned music, canned music [G7] (1)A little before she left me, I asked her what it's all about [C7] [C?] [C7] [G7] She said I feel like dancin', She feel like stepping out [D7] [C7] I took her with the van, where the band was on the stand, playin' [G7] Live music live music(2)She got us on the dance floor, to me it was a sight I never seen my baby movin', like the moves she made on me that night= I did not have a chance the way that music made me dance, it was ah Live music, live music * Repeat (C) * Instrumental(3)The rhythm was all around us, we was really steppin' out My baby said I'm livin' for this music, I asked her what it's all abo=ut She said I'm just a silly girl, this stuff has got me in a whirl It's just some live music, live music(4)And that was the night she left me, danced herself into my memory My baby had to leave me for the drummer, I guess I'll never solve that mystery I think I've learned my lesson just don't get too near the band when =it's Live music, live music A little before she left me, I asked her what it's all about She said she feel like dancin', she feel like steppin' out .....................................................................= Some chord idea's. X E A D G B E C7...=D5=CD=D1=CD=D1=CD=D1=CD=D1=CD=B8 C7 =D5=CD=D1=CD=D1=CD=D1=CD=D1==CD=B8 D7=3D THIS FIGURE MOVED UP TO =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 =B3 203=1A=

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