Lyrics to Candle On The Water
Candle On The Water Video:
I'll be your candle on the water,my love for you will always burn.I know you're lost and drifting,but the clouds are lifting.Don't give upyou have somewhere to turn.I'll be your candle on the water'til ev'ry wave is warm and brightMy soul is there beside you,let this candle guide yousoon you'll see a golden stream of lightA cold and friendless tide has found youdon't let the stormy darkness pull you downI'll paint a ray of hope around you,circling in the airlighted by a prayerI'll be you candle on the water,this flame inside of me will grow.Keep holding on, you'll make it,here's my hand so take it.Look for me reaching out to show as sure as rivers flow,I'll never let you go,I'll never let you go,I'll never let you go

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