Candle For Durruti Lyrics

David Rovics

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Lyrics to Candle For Durruti
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(Al Grierson) Well the headline on the paper said the good guys won the war And the red star won't be shinin' over Moscow anymore My heart fell like a sparrow in the depth of my despair When I saw La Pasionaria with a flower in her hair In a postcard by Picasso, so defiant and serene With the mercy of a mother and as grand as any queen She had gathered all her children under many different drums In the power of her promise when the revolution comes In the darkness and disorder, in the fire of our fears She had bound our broken bodies in the rainbow of her tears In the hour of our triumph, with a promise to prevail And another for the future in the hour that we failed And so my friend and comrade, as you go across the sea I ask no shining souvenirs, but only send to me The finest rum of Cuba from the finest sugar cane And a postcard by Picasso when you reach the coast of Spain And remember 'til tomorrow as we leave our banners furled That it only took six days to make, and ten to shake the world Light a candle for Durruti and we'll honor all the brave With a rollcall of the fallen in the dust on Franco's grave (Repeat first verse)

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