Canary In A Coal Mine Lyrics

Astrid Oto

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Lyrics to Canary In A Coal Mine
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Well you always were the light of this eyesore
rattling my nerves and the floorboards
putting on our own late latenight show
now that it's over i guess i'll have to pack my bags
and go home

go! go! singing sound of the rain
at the IBP your band played
like that photo of will shatter
and penelope

you always left me in the shadow of a doubt
out on the ledge of the life that i dreamed about
but is the only dream that we can truly call our own

go! go! when we crossed that bridge
look at all the happy couples i said
i wish just for once
we could be like them

go! go! i had to carry you
to the lansing michagan emergency room
at the hospital
that was the end of the road
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