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Lyrics to Can We Talk (About Us)
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My girl she just put me out Fed up for sure that's no doubt By the way I've been carrying on Should've know by now, she'd want me gone Putting up with shit for so damn long Tired of spending all her nights alone Cooking, cleaning, looking after me Now I'm beating the door Baby listen to me 1 - I don't wanna be Back out in the streets I want you to be Right here next to me Making plans to be Back with family Can we talk, baby talk Baby talk about us Repeat 1 Listen Oh, oh Can we talk? Oh, oh Can we talk? Oh, oh Ooh yeah Don't miss your water till the well is dry Another minute I can't let go by I know you heard me say these words before Said I'm sorry baby, said forgive me baby Now you ain't never seen me on one knee And I don't give a damn who sees I'll do whatever girl to make it right Nothing but trouble around the corner And it's waiting for me Repeat 1 (2x) Let's talk about us (Me and you) Let's talk about trust (Tell the truth) Let's talk about time (Spent with you) Can we talk? Can we talk? Can we talk? Let's talk about home (White picket fence baby) Let's talk about love (All day long) Let's talk about hmm, hmm, hmm (Hmm, hmm, hmm) Repeat 1 till end

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