Can Scarred Legs Keep Their Cantor? Lyrics

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Lyrics to Can Scarred Legs Keep Their Cantor?
Can Scarred Legs Keep Their Cantor? Video:
This time you won't be the one
To take it all away from me
As I fall to my knees in anguish
How could have ever known what this truly did to me?
I ran until there was no choice left
But to prevail in your misbegotten destruction
All this scarred me, on to my lack of feeling
And your blood can't release the poison
Your eyes are so cold
You're left alone by those who loved you
So that you may choose your death
I never thought scarred legs could carry me this far
On to your final resting place
I watched you die
Your heart bleeds like paper mache
I watch you die more each day
Without you here, we still remain
You're dead to me
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