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Already deadYeah I?m already deadYeah I?m already deadBut I still feel aliveWhere there?s smoke,There is a fire that?s the cause of itAnd where there?s hate,There?s a reason that?s controlling itWhere there?s murder,There?s a motive that has mentioned itAnd where there?s lightThere`s a dark that will cover it.Where there`s truth ,There`s a reason to believe in itAnd where there?s a rule,There`s a reason for breaking it.Where there?s blind,There`s a vision that was stripped of itAnd where there?s life,There`s an end, there`s a breakThere is a lack?.of?.stabilityYou just want me to say pleaseYou just want to?take this very lifeJust just want me on my kneesYou want me to?loose without a fightYou think that I am too weakAnd I will be?beaten easilyI just thought this was a dreamBut it is my?private sacrificeTortured lack of ilfeCan..I..Die..Now?Please?just?let?me?die!Already deadI?m already deadI?m already deadBut I?m feeling alive.Lyrics: D.Pennell

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