Can I Buy U A Drink? Lyrics

Kool Keith

Diesel Truckers

Lyrics to Can I Buy U A Drink?
Can I Buy U A Drink? Video:
[Kool Keith]
Yeah baby
I just filled that Peterbilt from a 36 state run
Long haul, carrying lumber

[Chorus: Kool Keith]
Can I buy you a drink?
You look pretty in pink
Can we hotel link?
Tell me what you think

[Kool Keith - overlaps Chorus]
I'm always down to go out to the club
To see somebody beautiful like you

[Kool Keith]
Excuse me Linda, tippin soda with the bartender
Tuxedo sometimes, your bodyguard's organized
Studio mix, and everybody's now surprised
I'm through the back door, walkin in a quarter to four
Love me baby, love me lady
Love me crazy, love me Daisy
Yeah, can you check out where they goin at
I'm not impressed man, kid where you flowin at?
Crackin bottles, man where you floodin at?
The waitress is gone, man when she comin back?
That body is tight, with legs like a runningback
Blow the words through her style like a future mack

[Chorus] - 2X

[Over Chorus - repeat 2X]
C'mere girl
Yes you do
I got my room
I need you

[Kool Keith]
Custom made, Benignis with the cuff links
Pants end up with stares and the high winks
I'm on the patio, exclusive in the rateo{?}
Fly hotels, standin next to Mario
CD to burn, bumpin in the stereo
Ladies with legs, you can't be too material
I'm back and I'm live, movin like Arsenio
Gators is live, your man rockin pennyloafs
Spanish lady, I'm freakin out Jenny most
Stand up playa, move to a real post
Squeeze up jab, girls movin up close
Heat up the track, vocals burn like pot roast
I'm in the groove black, gotta count uno dos
Mexican swing, I tell you baby who you chose

[Chorus] - 2X

[Over Chorus]

[Kool Keith]
I keep it marchin, with a {?}sweety form archin man{?}
Right down your number baby, jazz star parkin man
Hand me the phone, yo Harry let me talk to Ann
She like the Zeniti, anything popular brand
Type of girl, lookin for a couple of grand
Rings with rims, jewels for a couple of hands
Wear that wealth, tonight I'ma change your plans
After the club, hey love, I'ma take you to France
Petals and roses hit the floor while you dance
Confident yo, who you think's takin the chance?
Pick up your girl, now you got a finished romance
Pimpin the game, Globetrotter got an advance

[Chorus] - 2X

[Over Chorus]
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