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Lyrics to Camilo (The Magician)
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I know you like to keep a mystery
But there's this girl I know who's sad, you see
And I'd like to show her life ain't always real
Camilo that's where you come in my friend
Show me your secrets show me all of them
I promise I won't say a word again
And as long as I'm alive I'll be the best that I can be

I need to see where you made that card go
'Cause I've got some questions about the world I know
And about the difference between real and show,

Watch my eyes
Put a coin in your hand now and squeeze real tight
I'll make both sides heads so when you decide
You'll have complete control of your whole life
Camilo that's where you come in
Be my assistant, be my right hand man
We'll find a place between fact and fiction
And as long as they don't know we'll be the masters of pretend

I saw your disbelief
You're mystified
Well so am I
So let's make like enemies and disappear
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