Lyrics to Camilla
Camilla Video:
High grade sensimilla!
Reggae-reggaemilla! (x2)
So di marijuana calm your nerv like (camomilla!)
Chill with mi dancin on di girl
(patch your villa!),
Smokin' high there,what a mess (sensimilla!)
Hit more your heart like a yellow (caterpillar!)
like di great camilla,smile like (anguilla!)
take a likkle drive an then:

LIsten to di general
no touch artificial
Tell police ???
camilla a mi want ganja blunt.

Get mi di ganja inna di great camilla for (pliskin!)
A mi puppa tell dem must di head up (singing!)
ganjaman smoka no chemical (slinthig!)
put it up on ?????
put it inna di sonny jive an carry shit, i'm (leaving)
Camilla just sing what a sweet ganja anthem,
jamaica well good, (camilla well good!)

(it's surely a bit wrong ,i do dis by ear only.hope you like ,peace.)

(Grazie a Rudebwoy per questo testo)
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