Lyrics to Camelia
Camelia Video:
I never thought I'd see the day
she would fade away
she left me standing in the rain a year ago today
with nothing left to loose
and everything to gain
she runs around the world beneath the skies of blue and grey
she'll walk across the water
scale all terrain
until she finds her piece of mind and the love she's always craved
but she don't know where she's going
doesn't care how long it takes
it seems like only yesterday
that she said

I leave tomorrow, and I will not return
in search of a new life
she runs away
to seek the answers of questions that remain
in her way
I wish that i could do the same

she's a complicated woman of sheer complexity
it's the little things in life she loves that bring stability
she don't believe in fate
she shapes her destiny
she's got nothing to hide inside and wears her feelings on her sleeve
there's no one that understands her
no one can feel her pain
at night she lies in bed alone and her dreams keep her awake
I didn't see this coming
I was sure that she would stay
it feels like only yesterday
that she said
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