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Lyrics to Calm The Fuck Down
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[Verse one]
I dont know. oooh say i doing nothing but its something no matter what i do. yu go go. oooh pack you bags && runny get dha money grl its all up to yu. i can stay home. i dont need all this fussin && this arguing & cussing at me. go away. [ forgot the rest ]

but babygirl. im not gonna take all of this, fussing && hollering, moving && tossing shit around. && yu better not throw dem pots && dem pans in here. im the man in here. you bettah calm the fuck down.

[verse two]
now i know. oooh all yurh friends want me && yu to break up. just to make up. its fo sho. oooh they just playa haters come ___ us && tell them hoes to just face up. cause we in lovee. they dont wanna see us walking, talking doin our thangg. but hold up. you cant disrespect me. bitch get outta here && give me back all my change .


now i see, that yu && me shouldnt be. oooh now its the end, cuhs yu gon let yur friends tell you how to live.



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