Lyrics to Calling Me
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There's a back road leadin' off the hard-top
Half-a-mile past the slingshot tree
Wanders round through a million memories
It's callin' me, callin' me

There's a white house with fading shutters
The old front door that never needed a key
And I hear my Mama in the hush of the evenin'
Callin' me, yeah, she's callin' me

And no matter where I'm goin'
It reminds me of where I'm from
Just as long as I can hear it
I know I'm not too far gone

There's a first kiss under the willow
Love so honest, it was hard to believe
And even when my heart is breakin'
It's callin' me, callin' me

Yes, it's callin' me
(Oh, yeah, yeah)
Callin' me, callin' me


There's a tiny country chapel
Filled with voices singin' harmony
And when my soul is lost in the silence
Oh, it's callin', yes, it's callin' me

Yes it's callin' me
(Callin' me)
Oh, it's callin'
Yes, it's callin' me
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