Lyrics to Calling
Calling Video:
Saw you dancing with the chauffeur atop the limousine
mascara smear, pink hair
hidden streets they called a "scene"

Find me dancing at the night club
while they tried to burn it down
stomp the floor, dust in the air
let them burn this hometown down, this whole damn town.

And the world is overturned,
it needed something, needed something
And the world is upside down,
spinning around and again they're falling - off

Leave the ghosts behind with mother, shipwrecked submarines
Dancing concrete rails, don't stop to stare.
"Here they come", you wink at me.

Kissing eyes with the strange, sustaining arcane.
and never soon forget why you came here. don't stay there
the magic of the world. More planning crashing landings
and turning out the light was never so demanding.

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