Calling From The Wild Lyrics


The Shadow Self

Lyrics to Calling From The Wild
Calling From The Wild Video:
See the world as one
Find what grows of stone
Roam our circle, come home.

On my ocean, are you sadowing me?
Breaking surface to connect again
For a moment, I can feel what you feel
So clear, and I'm with you again.

In my air, I feel you covering me
Out of trust, you gave me the power to them
And if only they could see what you see
Wind and love never hide
Into the sky.

One more
Stand for

Calling from the wild side
For life

There's no life, without a dream
No power strong enough to hold it back
In a never ending stream
See the world as one
Listen to the call and stand forÂ…
One more,
One more,
One more.
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