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Lyrics to Calling All The Heroes
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We left you in pastures rarely seen (Holding out the fortress for a while) Everyone knew why the calm had been (Keeping friends among you saves a fight) In the dead of the night there was movement and shadows Attacking the women and taking the gold The men were away and no one could hear them They still cry today when the story is told High on a mountain, out searching for gold Men have had warning of scriptures foretold Turn around and fight for freedom, you can hear the people screaming: (Chorus:) Calling all the heroes! Shooting up the town, boys Call all the hero-oh oh ohs Calling all the heroes They're burning up the town, boys Men returned to find their home destroyed (People rushing round with scars of war) Babies crying, the aged, wounded, mourned (Calling out for someone to hear their prayers) Five miles away were the thieves and the bandits Laughing and joking, and sickly and crude They didn't know that the men had come back home They didn't know they were being pursued High on a mountain, the men looked below Cooked up a plan that would outwit their foe They scrambled down the mountain shooting, reclaimed all the bandits looted (Chorus) Calling all Stop! Calling all the heroes They're shooting up the town, boys Call all the heroes (Chorus) Call all the heroes (Chorus)

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