Lyrics to Callie
Callie Video:
[Intro Vic Mensa]
Yeah, uh
All my peoples around the world
Flame up to this shit

[Verse 1 Vic Mensa]
Shit number one
She always knows me
When to chill or when to roll a blunt up
When I'm lonely
That she never trippin'
If I'm tryin' to kick it with the homies
That she always givin' even if it's her weed
That we'd be smokin'
She keep me high
I be chilling in the shade like Stevie eye
Smoking in the whip like a DUI
Never coming down no ETI
Feeling like a Beastie Boy
Smokes on that yolk ?
So we took it to the park
Where a nigga' could spark
Those days were so forgetful
Runaway my memories
Only that killer weed was disrespectful
Like I said we were rolling A's
Twisting on them now
We do no boo boo gray ?
What's that nigga' you got going round
If it was one in the morning now?
Wished that every day
I'm in love with Mary Jane
Every bad bitch just keeps me blazed
I guess it was meant to be
Cause ? is my destiny
Lies and life's complexities
Got to thank the lord for blessing me with you

Callie and Kush
Callie baby
Your the one for me
And Callie baby your the one for me

[Verse 2 Nico Segal?]
She's sugar coated too sweet
Deserved the cover of Newsweek
Delivered the word from looseleaf
Flew to me like a hoop dream
To close to the stars
Sugar star
She's to close to the art
We to close to the star
Supposed to be smart
Close still far
So sugar for show for sure
I say sugar for show for sure
Sugar for show sure
I'll never be to far
My little amour
Cherie amour
For what we have in store
Is for why I'm in it for
My galaxy forever more
Quote "The Raven" I'm safe in saying
Never more
Grassroots we pave
In case footing gets grave
Take five onto a wave ?
Ride out onto the wave
The way I ascended onto you
I do
I pretend it's on you
But understand
Don't underestimate this man
Blame it on the music
Not the callie and kush

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