Lyrics to Call to America
Call to America Video:
If the moon don't rise in the sky tonight, keep moving forward
Dreadlock anarchist, US embassy, she's looking onward

And she calls to America
And their poor from Africa
All the way to Jerusalem

If the sun shuts down in the sky today, don't forget the horizon
Many people fall and they call it war and yet their country's thriving

And they talk about deliverance
And they walk without any adherence at all
To their Christian principles

If the fire burn low in the wind tonight, just keep it burning
Freepost Parliament ten times a day, all she gets in return is

Just more walls of silence
And this war is nothing more than violence

If the child don't cry in the dawn today, she won't be waking
Particles of dust, made of metal, thrust on the lives they've taken

But they wont take forever
But if we don't come together

If you get shut down in the street today, just keep on walking
If your friends won't listen to what you're saying, just keep on talking

And we'll talk to America
And we'll walk forever
All the way to Jerusalem
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