Call Of The Raven Moon Lyrics


Saturn In Ascension

Lyrics to Call Of The Raven Moon
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The night sky is ever still
As silence descends
The four winds becoming one
Caressing my naked body
And as you watch the branches bend
Revealing all of you

Long lost, but never forgotten

Will you meet me at the lake
Where the water calms my fear?
Will you once more fall in love
And light in me your flame?
Come to me once more
And I shall know peace and at last be free

The shattered path before my heavy feet
Leading me inward to this broken temple
Of love, lust and creation
Resting here whilst heeding the call

We now lay under the moonlit sky
In the shadows of the past
And as we become one the stars kneel down
Whispering poetry of this withering moment
The falling leaves weaving a blanket
Underneath it the innermost truth
Feeding the sands of time
Stilling it's hunger
While we quench our thirst

Taking our place among forever
Remembered only by two

Now closing our eyes to see
Changing our hearts to feel
Sealing our lips to hear
The call of the raven moon
Laying us to rest

Your skin like silver in the night
Your face like a poem without words
Your touch was the sun in my heart
And my heart was found by you

And as the worlds begins to wake
So falls the last petal
And at all things end we must go
Our separate ways into the night
Always alone because I couldn't save you

And for that, I am sorry and always will be!

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