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Lyrics to Call Of The Night
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There´s ared Bar at the cornerIt´s a dirty part of Townwhere the are getting hotterwhen the sun is going downDark Shadows want to fight meThe winner get my SoulI listen to the Heart inside meso let it Rock, So let it RollRef.:So I follow the NightI´m breaking freeIt´s the call of the NightBeware of meGot a job now near the citystraight from nine to fiveI keep all I earn for livingNot for a better LifeJack´s voice is howling from the clubGibson sound creeps in my earsSo I stumble in to getSome cigarettes and beersRef.:So I follow the Night.......The Band reigns easily the CrowdMy Blood runs faster through my veinLike Machine Guns the Drums are loudThese Guy´s are driving me insaneThe Band had finished after HoursIraise my Fist and yellSomedays I will be on Topand put over me this spellRef.:So I follow the Night.......2xLyrics by Cave c2000Music by G-Point/ Once more

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