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Lyrics to Call Me Anytime
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call me anytimeI see your album in the billboardyour video's on trl.We haven't spoken since the spring time.You got my number and your cell.I remember all the sweet timesIt wasnt very long agoAnd now you've gone and hit the big timeI dont wanna let you goBRIDGE:I want you y(ou)To talk to (to)You know I miss you oh so much (so much)I wanna hear your voice (wanna hear your voice)Baby keep in touchCall me any...CHORUS:Call me anytime~I've got you on my mind (my heart is on the line)My heart is on the line (call me, call me)I want you to be mineCall Me AnytimeI'm waiting on the line (I'm waiting on the line)Hit me one more time (baby one more, baby one more)I want you to be mine (want you to be mine)I know you've got my numberI'm waitingCall me anytimeI ain't drivin' around with nobody elseIt's time we break it down to real (to real)Don't wanna put my heart up on the shelfI dont think I have to tell you how I feel (too fell)Hope to see you round the way soonnot just in a magazineGet back to where we left offAnd wake me from this dreamRepeat BridgeRepeat ChorusCall me any time (me ooh oohh)I'm waitin on the line (oooh oohh)Want you to be mine (mee oohh)call me anytimechorusCall me anytimeI've got you on my mind (and I miss you)My love is on the lineI want you to be mine (want you to be mine)Call me anytime (call me baby)I'm waiting on the line (anytime)Hit me one more timeI want you to be mineCall me anytime you know what, call me anytimeI've got you on my mind I've got you on my mind, I want you to be mineMy love is on the line I wanna hear your voice please keep intouch I want you to be mine call me, call me, call me anytime

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